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'12 Steps Down': art inspired by 'The Drowned Giant'

Author: • Jan 10th, 2008 •

Category: Ballardosphere, short stories, visual art

Ballardian: The Drowned Giant

Forwarded message from Valentina Ferrandes:

“12 Steps Down”
Shoreditch Town Hall, London, 16th to 20th January

Private view
16th January 2008, 6-10 pm

The body of a giant is found on a beach. Curious about the event, a small crowd from the nearby city, gathers to observe the process of decomposition. If the first reaction is surprise and reverential respect, as days and weeks go by, the citizens’ explorative interventions become increasingly frequent and invasive. Graffiti swastikas appear on the giant’s body, his limbs amputated and trucked away for fertilizer, his dry bones dismembered to reappear as gigantic architectural ornaments. A miraculous event becomes object of exploitation, abuse, and eventually of no consequence.

25 artists have been invited to produce a site-concerned work inspired by the short story “The Drowned Giant” by J.G. Ballard and by the labyrinthine, vernacular architecture of Shoreditch Town Hall’s basement. The result is a stunning exhibition that exploits the dialogue between space and narrative through Ballard’s concerns. Decay, fragility and relativity of human morality, as well as representation of body through architecture, violence and sanity are some of the conceptual directions taken by the artists.

Justyna Borucka, Valentina Ferrandes, Kiwon Hong, Clare Wallis, Daniella Hutchinson Kemall, Beth Collar, Hugo Sterk, Cat Vitebsky, Charlie P, Clive Rowat, Dorothea Magonet, Eirini Bachlitzanaki, Elizabeth McTernan, Gareth Barnett, William Brock, Graham Hughes, Giles Hinchcliff, Matt Blackler, Hannah Newell, Mathilda Homqvist, Keiji Ishida, Alice Evans, Henrietta Hall, Michael Pollard, Tom Walker, Hannah Terry, Valentina Lari, Paul Good, Kirsty Wood.

The Basement
Shoreditch Town Hall
380, Old Street, EC1 V9LT

Valentina Ferrandes
(e): terminalbunker@gmail.com
(ph): +44 0792 9248657

By Underground or rail: Liverpool Street or Old Street stations (10 minutes walk from either).
By Bus: Routes 5, 22A, 35, 47, 48, 55, 67, 78, 149, 242 and 245 stop nearby.

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