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CRASH: Adaptación de un fragmento de la novela de J. Ballard

By • Oct 11th, 2014 •

Category: Argentina, Borges, comics, features, Lead Story, speed & violence, visual art

The Ballardian is proud to present Crash by Argentine graphic artist Sanyú, a graphic adaptation of a fragment of Ballard’s novel by that name, originally published in 1991 in legendary Argentine magazine Fierro.

Can We Ever Escape This Death Drive?

By • Jun 28th, 2006 •

Category: architecture, death of affect, entropy, features, media landscape, politics, terrorism

One of the sources for the death of affect is the distancing from community and a sense of shared existence brought about by the technological management of reality. There is a central paradox here: while the technical construction of collective time (through the engineered events in the media) tends to produce an instant ‘real-time’ that […]

Jonathan Weiss: The Atrocity Exhibition

By • Feb 15th, 2006 •

Category: Ballardosphere, film, reviews

When film adaptations of J.G. Ballard’s work are discussed, Crash and Empire of the Sun are always mentioned but never Jonathan Weiss’s Atrocity Exhibition. Now, thanks to the Dutch film company Reel 23, we can see what Weiss was up to — they’ve recently released this buried work on DVD (and it’s a beautiful piece […]

John Howard: The Conspiracy of Grey Men

By • Oct 7th, 2005 •

Category: Australia, features, pastiche, politics, sexual politics

by Andrés Vaccari The following is an excerpt from an official report prepared by Andrés Vaccari, on behalf of the JG Ballard Institute for the Study of Eroto-Responsive Kinetics, Canberra. DISCLAIMER: The following photos have been modified by the patients referenced by this report. The JG Ballard Institute for the Study of Eroto-Responsive Kinetics, Canberra […]

Jeff Busby's Car-Crash Aesthetics

By • Oct 7th, 2005 •

Category: photography, reviews, speed & violence

Review by Andrés Vaccari CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS FROM AMPLIFICATION. Amplification A book of photographs by Jeff Busby. 3 Deep Publishing ISBN 0-9580508-2-1 Review by Andrés Vaccari This handsome and hyper-glossy coffee table book concerns the unpleasant subject of automobile accidents. It’s impossible, of course, to put out a book of photographs of wrecked […]

Why I love/hate CSI

By • Aug 30th, 2005 •

Category: Australia, Ballardosphere, features, psychology, television, terrorism

Recently I’ve come across a piece by one of my favorite authors, J. G. Ballard, on a show I’ve become addicted to against my better judgement: Crime Scene Investigation (you can access Ballard’s article here). I was pleased and disappointed by Ballard’s analysis. Although a lot of his comments are perceptive, I think he missed […]