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Ballardian World News: Memories of the Space Age

Author: • Feb 7th, 2007 •

Category: Ballardosphere, sexual politics, space relics

Two readers, Alex and GH, wrote in to direct my attention to this news item, in which a listed US astronaut drives 900 miles to kidnap a rival for another astronaut’s love — wearing nappies to avoid toilet breaks.

As GH writes, “This news story, reported in the New York Times, reminded me of several JGB stories, especially those collected in ‘Memories of the Space Age’. The (former) astronauts, the sexual obsession, the abandonment of family, the curious triangle drama; these are familiar motifs. Had one of the people involved been a medical doctor or a psychiatrist, the whole affair would have been downright spooky.”

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  1. “Later, as she stared at the cell’s ceiling,
    Lisa Nowak would recall the infinite void of space and the abandoned boxes of adult nappies…”
    Sorry. Bad pastiche. But I could not help myself.

  2. you should have entered our pastiche competition.

  3. I did! It was titled ‘Come in Zebra Three”, a mash up uf Starsky and Hutch + Concrete Island….

  4. this “story” is yet another example of the media-endorsed myth that the mentally disturbed are also criminals… if she was in a JGB story, the only way out of her predicament had to be the interception of the other woman, and then, the relief of anxiety by….? sorry, only The Man can deliver that concept… my point, however, is the reaction of the media — from network news to late-nite TV comics, her activities were characterized as imaginatively criminal… and crazily infantile… Lisa Nowak… just another character from the atrocity exhibition? what I want to know: what are the long-term psychic effects of weightless sex?

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