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Ballardosphere Wrap Up, Part 2

Author: • Mar 19th, 2007 •

Category: academia, Ballardosphere, Toby Litt

+ The programme for the University of East Anglia’s two-day J.G. Ballard conference on 5 & 6 May 2007 is now available as a PDF. It looks thorough and exhaustive, with a wide spread of topics — a tribute to Ballard’s appeal. The conference should be a cracker; let’s hope the UAE also onlines the various abstracts so punters know what they’re in for.

Speakers include: Professor Philip Tew, Professor Mark Currie, Dr Roger Luckhurst, Toby Litt, Professor Jon Cook, Professor Vic Sage, David Pringle, Raymond Tait, Simon Stevenson, Eunju Hwang, Corin Depper, David James, Dan O’Hara, Valentina Polcini, Rick McGrath, Mitchell R. Lewis, Paul March-Russell, Fabienne Collignon, Joanne Murray, Sam Francis, Rina Arya, Jennifer Cooke, Emma Whiting, Ricarda Vidal, Pippa Tandy, Umberto Rossi, David Ian Paddy, Jake Huntley, Owen Hatherley, Simon Sellars, Jeannette Baxter, Rick Poynor, Herve Lagogue, Mark Williams, Mike Bonsall, Kathleen O’Donnell, Alistair Cormack, John Carter Wood, Mike Doherty, Martyn Colebrook, Angie Chau, Jennifer Hui Bon Hoa, Mark Fisher, Paul Newland, Sebastian Groes, Valentina Fenga, Francesca Guidotti.


+ Mike Holliday and Rick McGrath (with help from David Pringle, Matt Smith and Umberto Rossi) have been getting busy with a series of discussions centered on each of the nine main chapters of The Atrocity Exhibition.


+ Cousin Silas returns with Ballard Landscapes 2, another volume of masterful dark-ambient soundscapes inspired by Ballard’s greatest works.

Download the entire album plus artwork for free.

…:: Ballard Landscapes 2
Track Listing:

1. The Sands Of Shepperton
2. Crumbling Infrastructures
3. Cloud Sculptor
4. Dawn – Utah Beach
5. Rusting Gantry
6. Love And Bullets For Bobby & Jack
7. Motel Architecture
8. Concrete Islands
9. The Sign Of The Radar
10. Abandoned Motorway
11. Vermillion Drift
12. Drained Swimming Pools
13. Burning Wreckage
14. Schematics For Terminal Seventeen
15. The Death Of Reagan
16. Capsule Retrieval
17. Island Gardens
18. After The Hurricane

Released via Earth Monkey Productions.

‘Earth Monkey Productions is a non-profit making net label based on Barrow Island in Cumbria. It releases free music with a focus on experimental, electronic, sound art and spoken word and seeks to promote these art forms to wider audiences both within Cumbria UK and internationally. It will also be promoting collaborations between artists and putting on some great shows.’

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4 Responses »

  1. Sorry to miss it.
    Especially that ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ presentation.

  2. missed what, paul? the conference? it’s on may 5 & 6, 2007. check the link. the atrocity presentation i linked to is something different.

  3. That Ballard Landscapes music is great.

    Still deciding whether to sign up for the conference or not. Curiously I find the cold detachment provided by the Internet a better venue for such discussions than real life. I dare say Ballard would have something to say to that!

  4. Cool, thats something to look forward to in May this year

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