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Ballardian Architecture: Inner and Outer Space

By • Aug 17th, 2010 •

Category: academia, architecture, brutalism, features, Guy Debord, Iain Sinclair, Lead Story, modernism, photography, Shanghai, spectacle, W.G. Sebald

Via Static TV, film of discussions at the Ballardian Architecture: Inner and Outer Space symposium, Royal Academy of Arts. The event was chaired by Jeremy Melvin and speakers included John Gray, Nic Clear, David Cunningham, Nigel Coates, Matthew Taunton, Chris Hall, Joanne Murray, Dan Holdsworth, Tim Abrahams and Claire Walsh.

The Office Park

By • Jan 18th, 2010 •

Category: alternate worlds, architecture, CCTV, death of affect, dystopia, features, gated communities, Jean Baudrillard, Lead Story, leisure, non-place, photography, psychopathology, surveillance, technology, theme parks

Nicholas Cobb’s architectural model of a corporate campus, photographed with a malevolent, dystopian flair, and exploring parallel themes to Ballard’s Super-Cannes.

Edward Burtynsky: Oil – A Ballardian Interpretation

By • Jan 5th, 2010 •

Category: dystopia, Edward Burtynsky, entropy, enviro-disaster, features, Lead Story, photography

Edward Burtynsky’s photographs of quarries, factories, mining pits and railcuts are extraordinary for their depiction of mankind’s organisation of the land for resource-extraction and profit. Paul Roth makes the case that Burtynsky is one of our most Ballardian artists. Adopting a style in overt homage to Ballard, the essay honours his legacy as the foremost imaginative interpreter of the world Burtynsky documents.

Crown Casino: ‘A snarling, digitised mutilation’

By • May 27th, 2009 •

Category: advertising, alternate worlds, architecture, audio, Australia, boredom, CCTV, consumerism, death of affect, deep time, fascism, features, hyperreality, Lead Story, leisure, micronations, occult, perception, photography, psychogeography, schizophrenia, surveillance, temporality, time travel, utopia

Simon Sellars, Mel Chilianis and Melb Psy take an audiovisual tour of Melbourne’s Crown Casino, seeking to map the coordinates of this micronational zone — consumer-driven control space with a raging need.

"Paradigm of nowhere": Shepperton, a photo essay (part 2)

By • Mar 5th, 2009 •

Category: autobiography, biography, boredom, consumerism, crime, deep time, features, flying, Iain Sinclair, inner space, perception, photography, psychogeography, psychopathology, Shepperton, suburbia, time travel

Finally: the long-delayed conclusion to my photo essay, ‘”Paradigm of nowhere”: Shepperton, a photo essay’, in which I aim for the traversal of a distinct psychic terrain: the blanket overlay of Shepperton with a mental template gleaned from so many Ballard novels and short stories.

Crouching Pervert, Hidden Meisel

By • Nov 18th, 2008 •

Category: Ballardosphere, censorship, death of affect, fashion, Italy, photography, sexual politics, Steven Meisel

Steven Meisel: rejected by Vogue Italia, embraced by ballardian.com.

‘Perverse Technology’: Dan Mitchell & Simon Ford interview J.G. Ballard

By • Aug 15th, 2008 •

Category: archival, consumerism, Ernst, interviews, Marcel Duchamp, photography, psychopathology, Salvador Dali, sexual politics, speed & violence, surrealism, terrorism, the middle classes, visual art

Here’s another republished interview, this time from 2005 as Mitchell and Ford probe JGB about his infamous 1970 ‘Crashed Cars’ exhibition, which elicited drunken aggression from its bemused audience.

Troy Paiva book party

By • Jul 29th, 2008 •

Category: Ballardosphere, photography, urban ruins

Party to celebrate Troy Paiva’s new book of photography, this Friday August 1.

Postcards from Barcelona

By • Jul 29th, 2008 •

Category: Ballardosphere, Barcelona, photography, visual art

More autopsy photography from Rick McGrath.

Black Plaque for Dr Robert Vaughan

By • Jul 21st, 2008 •

Category: Ballardosphere, occult, photography, speed & violence, surrealism

‘Northolt through an Ubu absurd lens’: the latest photo essay from English Heretic, tracking the dark heart of Ballard’s Crash.

Chris Marker: Imperfect Memory

By • Jul 18th, 2008 •

Category: Ballardosphere, Chris Marker, deep time, film, inner space, photography, science fiction

New Marker blog: ‘Quoting mostly, writing little, ever fascinated by and admiring always the oeuvre of Chris Marker, le plus célèbre des cinéastes inconnus.’

'The fusion of science and pornography' (WARNING! Exceptionally unsafe for work)

By • Jul 1st, 2008 •

Category: Ballardosphere, biology, boredom, inner space, medical procedure, photography, psychiatry, sexual politics, visual art

Wim Delvoye’s ‘Kiss’ series of x-ray art echoes The Atrocity Exhibition and the illustrations of Phoebe Gloeckner. WARNING: this post is indisputably unsafe for work. No, seriously: you have been warned.

Drained London

By • Jun 30th, 2008 •

Category: architecture, Ballardosphere, drained swimming pools, entropy, photography, Shanghai, urban decay, visual art

Drained swimming pools are a staple in Ballard’s work, and also the subject of photographer Gigi Cifali’s latest series.

The Light-Painter of Mojave D: An Interview with Troy Paiva

By • Jun 6th, 2008 •

Category: alternate worlds, America, architecture, deep time, entropy, enviro-disaster, flying, interviews, Lead Story, Philip K. Dick, photography, science fiction, speed & violence, surrealism, urban decay, urban ruins, visual art

Troy Paiva’s desert photography evokes the crumbling, decadent resorts and enervated cityscapes of Ballard’s Vermilion Sands and Hello America stories. Enjoy this interview with Troy, the Light-Painter of Mojave D.

'Paradigm of nowhere': Shepperton, a photo essay (part 1)

By • Apr 26th, 2008 •

Category: alternate worlds, Australia, dystopia, features, flying, Lead Story, photography, sexual politics, Shepperton, suburbia, surrealism, utopia

In 2007 I toured Shepperton using Ballard’s Unlimited Dream Company as my guidebook. Here are the results of that neurological survey, born from the torsion of “every cell in my body waiting at the end of a miniature runway”.

Zodiac 3000

By • Apr 22nd, 2008 •

Category: architecture, Ballardosphere, celebrity culture, consumerism, deep time, photography, psychology, Salvador Dali, sexual politics, speed & violence, surrealism, visual art

For this upcoming exhibition, the International Project Space in Birmingham will be transformed into the J.G. Ballard Centre for Psychopathological Research, “an institute built to interrogate the New Psychology explored in Ballard’s fiction.”

Porcine Psychopathology

By • Feb 12th, 2008 •

Category: architecture, Ballardosphere, Chris Marker, consumerism, Iain Sinclair, photography, urban ruins

infinite thØught takes a Ballard-inspired tour of Bluewater, one of the inspirations for JGB’s Kingdom Come.

Over to you…

By • Feb 3rd, 2008 •

Category: architecture, Ballardosphere, consumerism, fashion, photography, sexual politics, Shanghai, speed & violence, surveillance, travel, urban revolt, visual art

This post is given over to recent links readers have sent me. ‘Ballardian’ or not? You decide.

Lost America

By • Sep 26th, 2007 •

Category: America, Ballardosphere, photography, urban decay

Above: ‘The Staircase’, by Troy Paiva, 2005. ‘Byron Hot Springs Hotel, Byron California. Built in the 1930s, used for POW interrogations during WWII. Abandoned for decades, many say it’s quite haunted. It IS noisy at night in there . . . Night,full moon, dark interior, blue and red-gelled strobe flash. Canon 20D.’ The brilliant work […]

Triple Transgression

By • Sep 26th, 2007 •

Category: Ballardosphere, photography, sexual politics

This disturbing photo feature focuses on peeping toms in Japan and Kohei Yoshiyuki, the photographer who documented them in the 1970s. Listen to Philip Gefter’s voiceover: he notes the triple trangsression here (eminently worthy of Crash as it so happens), involving the couples who have sex in public, the peeping toms observing them, and the […]

J.G. Ballard: Flickr Slideshow

By • Sep 3rd, 2007 •

Category: Ballardosphere, photography

Here’s a slideshow that loops images from the incredible J.G. Ballard pool over at Flickr — over 2000 photos and counting. Click a pic for photographer details etc. Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Ballardosphere Wrap-Up, Part 1

By • Feb 26th, 2007 •

Category: Ballardosphere, celebrity culture, cyberpunk, deep time, Jean Baudrillard, photography, space relics, speed & violence

Photo: Stephen Hughes. Read recently… + Via Fanny Magnate, David Chandler’s essay on the work of photographer Stephen Hughes: Over the last five years Hughes has worked all over Europe, developing an interest in what might be called ‘peripheral places’, sometimes places literally on the edge — of cities perhaps, or by the sea — […]

A User's Guide to the Millennium (1996)

By • Sep 5th, 2006 •

Category: advertising, architecture, bibliography, boredom, celebrity culture, consumerism, death of affect, deep time, dystopia, enviro-disaster, fashion, film, flying, humour, invisible literature, media landscape, medical procedure, non-fiction, photography, politics, psychogeography, psychology, Salvador Dali, science fiction, sexual politics, space relics, speed & violence, surrealism, television, urban decay, visual art, William Burroughs, WWII

OPENING LINE: “In his prime the Hollywood screenwriter was one of the tragic figures of our age, evoking the special anguish that arises from feeling sorry for oneself while making large amounts of money”. (from ‘The Sweet Smell of Excess’). From the 1996 Harper Collins edition: The first-ever collection of J.G. Ballard’s articles and reviews, […]

J.G. Ballard: The Complete Short Stories, vols 1 & 2 (2006)

By • Sep 1st, 2006 •

Category: advertising, architecture, bibliography, boredom, celebrity culture, consumerism, death of affect, deep time, dystopia, enviro-disaster, flying, humour, invisible literature, media landscape, medical procedure, New Worlds, photography, politics, psychogeography, psychology, science fiction, sexual politics, Shepperton, short stories, space relics, speed & violence, suicide, surrealism, television, terrorism, urban decay, urban revolt, visual art, WWII

OPENING LINE: “I first met Jane Ciracylides during the Recess, that world slump of boredom, lethargy and high summer which carried us all so blissfully through ten unforgettable years, and I suppose that may have had a lot to do with what went on between us.” (from ‘Prima Belladonna’). From the 2001 Flamingo edition (originally […]

A Ballard-inspired Artist

By • Feb 19th, 2006 •

Category: Australia, Ballardosphere, dystopia, photography

‘Senses Working Overtime’ from the Age newspaper, Melbourne, Australia February 19, 2006 by Simon Castles “Narinda Reeders wants to photograph the secret fantasies of Melbourne’s office workers for her exhibition. Simon Castles offers one of his own . . . I’m sitting with a couple of mates, telling them how I just interviewed Narinda Reeders, […]

A Ballardian flickr

By • Feb 12th, 2006 •

Category: Ballardosphere, photography

Just came across this flickr photography group devoted to Ballardian imagery: http://flickr.com/groups/jg_ballard There’s some very nice work, here. This is their blurb: “This group shall collect images that evoke the narrative of J.G. Ballard. Drained swinmming pools in suburban landscapes, gated communities with their security video surveillance, highway embankments, deserted airport concourses, the post industrial […]

Mexico City: A Ballardian Concentration

By • Feb 12th, 2006 •

Category: architecture, Ballardosphere, photography, Salvador Dali

Thanks to Ben from the JGB Yahoo Group for pointing me to this “quite stunning set of aerial photographs of Mexico City. Hard to believe none of these are computer generated.” They are indeed incredible: an amazing Ballardian quilt of patchwork suburbs; rows of multicoloured, identical houses as far as the eye can see; and […]

Review: JG Ballard Conversations & Quotes

By • Oct 13th, 2005 •

Category: Ballardosphere, photography, politics, reviews, terrorism, William Burroughs

Reviewed by Andrea Simonis Review of JG Ballard: Conversations (ed. V Vale, 2005) and JG Ballard: Quotes (selected and edited by V Vale & Mike Ryan, 2004). Published by RE/Search Publications V Vale has been an underground publishing icon in San Francisco for quite some time, kicking off with late-70s ‘punk tabloid’ Search and Destroy […]

Heathrow Hilton

By • Oct 7th, 2005 •

Category: architecture, features, photography

Photos from a recent sojourn (en route to Singapore and Bali) at Ballard’s favourite location, the Heathrow Hilton. “The Heathrow Hilton, designed by Michael Manser, is a masterpiece. It is my favourite building in London, and keeps alive the spirit of the 20th century’s greatest architect, Le Corbusier. Beautifully proportioned, it resembles a cross between […]

Retrospecto: La Jetée

By • Oct 7th, 2005 •

Category: Chris Marker, deep time, film, New Worlds, Philip K. Dick, photography, reviews, science fiction, suicide

Nothing sorts memories from ordinary moments. They claim remembrance when they show their scars. Chris Marker. La Jetée. review by Simon Sellars The films of Chris Marker are often termed ‘essayist’, participating in a phenomenological play with deep roots in French intellectualism. Working within documentary and pseudo-documentary modes, they mimic the manner in which memory […]

Jeff Busby's Car-Crash Aesthetics

By • Oct 7th, 2005 •

Category: photography, reviews, speed & violence

Review by Andrés Vaccari CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS FROM AMPLIFICATION. Amplification A book of photographs by Jeff Busby. 3 Deep Publishing ISBN 0-9580508-2-1 Review by Andrés Vaccari This handsome and hyper-glossy coffee table book concerns the unpleasant subject of automobile accidents. It’s impossible, of course, to put out a book of photographs of wrecked […]

Edmonton IKEA

By • Oct 1st, 2005 •

Category: boredom, consumerism, death of affect, photography, urban revolt

A series of Photos from the scene of February 2005’s riots.

JG Ballard Meets Helmut Newton

By • Aug 7th, 2005 •

Category: Ballardosphere, David Cronenberg, photography, sexual politics, surrealism

From the Guardian, August 7, 2005. The King of Kinky "Helmut Newton was a photographer who never saw the point of not overstating the obvious: in one infamous shoot, he placed a horse’s saddle on a beauty posing in riding jodhpurs on a bed on all fours; in another the women sported medical corsets and […]