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“Driven by Anger”: An Interview with Michael Butterworth (the Savoy interviews, part 1)

By • Nov 5th, 2009 •

Category: alternate worlds, Ambit magazine, body horror, censorship, horror, humour, Iain Sinclair, interviews, Lead Story, New Worlds, punk, Savoy Books, surrealism, William Burroughs

The story of Savoy Books is one of the strangest in publishing history: a tale of lost opportunities, missed opportunities, repression, censorship, imprisonment … and, most importantly, an incredible legacy of work that continues to disturb, challenge and confront. Mike Holliday talks to Savoy co-founder Michael Butterworth about all this and more, including the guidance Butterworth received as a young writer from J.G. Ballard.

'To write for the Space Age': Moorcock on Burroughs

By • Dec 11th, 2008 •

Category: Ballardosphere, Michael Moorcock, New Worlds, science fiction, war, William Burroughs

A new interview with Michael Moorcock, discussing Burroughs, Ballard, the Bomb and more.

'Unblinking, clinical': From Ballard to cyberpunk

By • Nov 26th, 2008 •

Category: America, Bruce Sterling, cyberpunk, features, Michael Moorcock, New Worlds, technology, William Burroughs, William Gibson

Bruce Sterling wrote: ‘For the cyberpunks … technology is visceral. It is not the bottled genie of remote Big Science boffins; it is pervasive, utterly intimate. Not outside us, but next to us. Under our skin; often, inside our minds.’ And Ballard’s influence was at the heart of it.

No glot… C’lom Fliday

By • Nov 15th, 2008 •

Category: Ballardosphere, William Burroughs

Preliminary news about the 50th anniversary celebrations for Naked Lunch.

J.G. Ballard: imaginary scientist

By • Aug 2nd, 2008 •

Category: academia, Ballardosphere, science, William Burroughs

From John Goff: “Myself and Dr. Shivdeep Grewal have organised a half-day conference with the title ‘J.G.Ballard: imaginary scientist’ that may be of interest to some of your site users…”

Strange Fiction

By • Jun 15th, 2008 •

Category: Ballardosphere, consumerism, fascism, Iain Sinclair, sport, William Burroughs

New interview with Ballard in the Guardian.

'Get Lost': Burroughs on Curtis

By • Jun 12th, 2008 •

Category: Ballardosphere, Ian Curtis, music, William Burroughs

Did William Burroughs really tell Ian Curtis to ‘get lost’? And how did the younger man take it? RealityStudio finds out.