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Cronenberg in Crash Naming Furore

Author: • Oct 18th, 2005 •

Category: Ballardosphere, David Cronenberg, film

According to the New York Post, David Cronenberg, director of Crash, has this to say about the title of Paul Haggis’s new film, Crash:

I thought it was very disrespectful, not just to me, but to J.G. Ballard who wrote the book ‘Crash’ in 1973, which is very famous. In France, they refuse to call [Haggis’ movie] ‘Crash’ because they have reverence for that book and for my movie. They call it ‘Collision.’ I think that their argument, that they couldn’t think of another title, is a little bit bogus…I don’t know how I would react if I met Paul Haggis. He’s also Canadian. You know, we’re basically peaceful people, but there was the fur trade, and it got nasty.”

There’s more here, as Jill Hunter Pellettieri reports:

David Cronenberg says he “hates” the decision to name the Haggis-directed movie Crash. ‘Functionally, it’s stupid. Once they’re both on the DVD shelves, there’s going to be confusion.’ He has a point. Both films are dramas and both have posters that depict dark and mysterious scenes with individuals desperately clutching each other (albeit in a very different manner). Is this confusion worth a lawsuit? ‘The last thing a creative person wants is litigation, which is anti-creative,’ Cronenberg says.”

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  3. I refuse to see that film. So lame. And then there’s all those mags with that title. Do any of them give the great book/film a nod? Doubt it.

  4. Funny. Well maybe not really because I told a friend that their was this movie ‘Crash’ that he should really see. I meant the Cronenberg picture, which I think is a beautiful, strange, and amazing film. Unfortunately, he picked up the Haggis picture instead (and I don’t mean to demean that movie). I saw my friend the other night and started recommending another movie to him, and he goes:I don’t wanna hear it after sitting through that last one you recommended to me. Then I go: yeah I know the auto-crash-sex thing puts lot of people off. At which point we both knew we were talking about a different flick. So long story short, this is obviously a problem and one that will undoubtly become worse the more years that pass.

  5. Cronenberg’s rendering of the book Crash made me very unhappy. I don’t think he should get all flustered about confused kids scanning the shelves at Walmart. He should have concentrated on making a better film. If you read the original novels of Naked Lunch, Crash and Dead Ringers, I think you have to conclude that every single change he made to the original text (to work in his publicly personal “themes” ho hum), and nearly every single artistic decision he made was completely wrong – as someone wrote when Naked Lunch came out as a movie – “it’s a control freak’s portrait of a wild man.” I think that sums it up rather nicely.

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