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J.G Ballard: The Visual Tribute, Part 2

Author: • Dec 30th, 2007 •

Category: entropy, enviro-disaster, short stories, visual art

Here’s a selection of visual art that we’ve previously featured on this site, all directly inspired by or referencing themes in Ballard’s work. See Part 1 for more recent discoveries.

Image from ‘Future Ruins’
by Michelle Lord

Ballardian: The Ultimate City

Inspired by author J.G. Ballard’s literary visions of modernist architectural design and his prophetic views on the technological demise of the urban environment, Future Ruins is a photographic critique of the urban planning of the 1970s and Ballard’s novels of the same period.

Image from ‘The Drowned World’
by Jon Cattapan

Ballardian: The Drowned World

I suppose it’s got two points of genesis. The first is that it came from a body of work I started in the early 90s which has become known as the City Submerged and that body of work came about literally because I was thinking very much about the idea of the city as a place that was deluged with information. So it was the start of that framework that’s been in my work for some time. The second genesis of the title is that I’m a complete JG Ballard nut, and the curator has known that and he also is a very big fan, and Ballard’s book The Drowned World actually…it was for me a fairly seminal text in a lot of ways and it pinpoints a lot of the ideas that I’m kind of interested in.

Image from the Metro-Centre website
by the Harper Collins design team

Ballardian: Kingdom Come

A site for the book Kingdom Come by J.G. Ballard.

‘Matteo Bittanti’s Crash’
by Matteo Bittanti

Ballardian: Crash

I love the idea of gamics, but I’m not really interested in storytelling, so for my first experiments, I decided to cut-and-paste various popular artifacts. “CRASH” is what happens when you play too much Burnout while reading JG Ballard’s stories…

by Rick McGrath

Ballardian: Crash

Announcing the winner of our J.G. Ballard Pastiche competition, sponsored by the kind people at Harper Collins. Picture an alternate universe where Jim Ballard achieved his early goal of becoming a screenwriter, becoming so successful that he relocated from Shepperton to Hollywood. The task: write an imaginary 500-word extract from an imagined novelisation of Starsky and Hutch…as written by J.G. Ballard.

J.G. Ballard Flickr Pool
various photographers

And finally: here’s a slideshow that loops images from the incredible J.G. Ballard pool over at Flickr — over 2000 photos and counting. Click an image for photographer details etc.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

J.G. Ballard: The Visual Tribute, Part 1

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