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Miracles of Life: J.G. Ballard Autobiography

Author: • Sep 4th, 2007 •

Category: autobiography, Ballardosphere

Major news just in via David Pringle.

From last week’s Bookseller:

Ballard memoir to HarperCollins
31.08.07 Sarah Finley

Fourth Estate editorial director Clare Reihill has acquired J G Ballard’s autobiography Miracles of Life from agent Maggie Hanbury. Reihill bought British and Commonwealth rights in the memoir, due in February next year.

Ballard, most famous for Crash and the autobiographical novel, Empire of the Sun, grew up in Shanghai and returned to Britain just after the Second World War. The book will detail his observations about post-war Britain, as well as his life as a single father after his wife died in her 30s, and his experience as a writer.

“J G Ballard has been a giant on the literary landscape for the last 40 years,” Reihill said, “and his long-awaited autobiography will be an exceptionally important and momentous publishing event. For fans of this work it will be a very insightful read. He has narrated his life exceptionally well, showing how events in his life have influenced his work.”

Fourth Estate is also re-issuing five of Ballard’s backlist in February next year: Millennium People; The Crystal World; The Drought; The Drowned World; and The Unlimited Dream Company. They will be promoted alongside the autobiography.

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  1. I think the dread I feel at another semester of college just got salved.

  2. Indeed. Although note that Mr Ballard has already gone over seemingly every conceivable detail of his life in numerous short stories, interviews, articles and, centrally (albeit semi-fictionalised), in the novels Empire of the Sun and The Kindness of Women. I wonder what he can add to this? I look forward to finding out. And maybe to conducting another interview…

  3. Looking forward to the illustrated edition…

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