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New skin, or theme, or whatever you call them

Author: • Jul 25th, 2007 •

Category: Ballardosphere

I’m messing around with this new skin, or theme, or whatever you call them. It’s been tested in safari and firefox for mac, but you must tell me if it breaks in any browser on windows.

UPDATE: Thanks for the feedback! Neil, you were right about the test layout being undercooked; Tim, you were spot-on about text-size and formatting; Rick, you were correct about the crappy header font. Based on all that, and until I get a workable, fluid-width three-column layout happening, I’ll be sticking with the old layout for now (with the addition of the new banner, which I liked).

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  1. Looks good in IE6 until you go below 1130 pixels wide, when the right hand sidebar drops down.

    I have to say, I thought the old theme was perfect, a great design. This one is a bit undercooked (the rss logo is incredibly vulgar). Also, Impact is a bit too jolly. Have you thought about using Sifr? Oh, and the text font is a bit small.

    Anyhow, keep up the great work! I have rediscovered Ballard this year due to this site. Thank you!

  2. Looking good. Good choice to ditch the old concrete-flyover header which, as you’ve noted before, was a bit cliched.

    But am I the only one getting a weird reversal-illusion effect from the new head graphic? On my larger desktop screen, it looked like a cheek and jawline on the extreme left of the image, with hair pattern above and to the right – now, on my smaller laptop, it’s recognisably from the ‘angle between two walls’ advert, with the face at upper right, as seen from below. A curious effect.

    The columns to either side of the main text seem the wrong way round – links to the right, and ‘about’ and illustrated intra-site categories to the left seems more natural, somehow. As it is, the category illustrations are cut-off midway unless I extend my browser window (Firefox, on Mac) to the extreme.

    And the spacing between paragraphs seems a little too wide. Not that I’m quibbling or anything, you understand…

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  4. change for change sake? it works, but I’ll fix it anyway? I liked the other header font you used… this chunky stuff — what is that, helvetica bold condensed? — doesn’t resolve that well with its tiny holes and descenders… I’m not nuts about screening, either — all this eye candy actually makes it tougher to read…the extra width lets you run bigger pix, tho…

  5. thanks for your feedback! i really want a three-column layout but i am not entirely happy with what i have here, so i will continue to tweak it.

    neil, you’re right about the font. it *is* jolly; might switch to verdana and see…

    tim, those are all good points and it’s great to hear them, so quibble away! i agree and i’ll try and fix ’em, but i have no idea what’s causing the reversal of the header image. you’re using firefox on a mac? so am i.

    rick, it’s called impact, that font, and i’m going to change it! the main idea for having bigger headings for posts is that they generate automatically and i don’t have to make an image header in photoshops for each feature and article, as i had been doing. which eye candy, though? i agree with neil, this is more minimal than the old site.

  6. PS: neil, many thanks for the comments about the site…i’m very glad you’ve rediscovered jgb.

  7. The image reversal was purely a perceptual effect, like the old young-woman/old-crone illusion. Actually, I get those a lot…

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