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Preview: Shepperton's Oracle

Author: • Mar 20th, 2007 •

Category: Ballardosphere, film, Shepperton

Ballardian: Shepperton's Oracle

French filmmaker Thomas Cazals has onlined a 10-min preview of his film J.G. Ballard: Shepperton’s Oracle.


‘On the occasion of the release of the next novel of the English writer James Ballard, two French reporter Thomas Cazals and Thomas Carter are sent to Shepperton, to interview him. In this town in the middle of nowhere, the dreamlike waves of the Oracle of Shepperton throw them in a surrealist nightmare in the limits of the History and the reality.’

According to Thomas:

J.G Ballard: Shepperton’s Oracle declines on two medias. A film and a web site (planned in April) both products by Bruno Sampère from Panoplie and José Correia editor in chief of the website Arte TV. To date, the film has no official TV broadcaster and need a financial help to grow up and find his right place in movie theaters (and) or television.

The extract which you go to see is “squeaky clean” at the level of the rights of the used images (produced or from the public domain), but is not correct for the score, in particular for a song of the group Joy Division ” Atrocity Exhibition ” (rights for the world TV and Movies for 5 years are 7.500 euros). This piece is however very important for the film.

The film will be of a duration of one hour ( English and French version) and certain little things still remain to shoot. We are at present in editing. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.


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  1. The English titles could use a proofread, but the film looks really fun. “Be more professional, you’re an amateur” really cracked me up.

  2. Reminded me of Max Headroom as directed by JL Goddard circa Alphaville… Worth a look for sure!

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