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Retrospective on JGB's Old Mate, Edward Paolozzi

Author: • Feb 12th, 2006 •

Category: Ballardosphere, sexual politics, visual art

Thanks to Tim from the JGB Yahoo group for this link…

Saturday February 11, 2006
The Guardian

Ambit 182 Autumn 2005 (£6.50. UK subscriptions £25. www.ambitmagazine.co.uk)

“Edward Paolozzi, the pop artist who died a few months ago, was a contributor to Ambit for many years. In discussions for what would turn out to be his last illustrations for the magazine, founding editor Martin Bax recalls suggesting that they use an image from a previous issue. “NO Martin,” Paolozzi apparently retorted, “you can do that when I am dead in a retrospective”. This, sadly, is that retrospective. And it’s a feast of Paolozzi’s playful photomontages, kinetic pen and ink
drawings of clockwork ducks and collages of jiving top-hatted sadomasochists. Established in 1959, and with JG Ballard and Carol Ann Duffy among its alumni, Ambit, unvaryingly elegantly designed, publishes a striking combination of poetry, prose and pictures. Paolozzi’s association with Ambit began in 1967, and a hint of 60s radicalism persists to this day – detrimentally so on occasions. A tired fascination with sex rears its head here and there. Dai Vaughan’s crushingly unerotic imagining of women pleasuring themselves with their own hosiery, in his words, “fingering their lips pink-fringed as clams”, is an especially low moment and one unworthy of the periodical as a whole. A tale by HP Tinker, on the other hand, fizzes with the
kind of zany, surreal conjunctions that recall Barthelme and Pynchon in their prime.”

More at: http://books.guardian.co.uk/reviews/roundupstory/0,,1706966,00.html

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