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R.I.P. Mac Tonnies

Author: • Oct 23rd, 2009 •

Category: Ballardosphere

Ballardian: Mac Tonnies

Although we never met in real life, I considered Mac Tonnies a great friend. We corresponded often via Twitter and email, and I interviewed him in 2007 about our shared passion for the writing of J.G. Ballard. Appropriately, given Mac’s status as a Fortean investigator, and the fact that we only ever knew each other disembodied via cyberspace, he would appear in my dreams as a man from the future who used black holes to travel through time. Mac was intensely interested in the paranormal, but he was a bigger skeptic than many who aren’t. It is this sharp intelligence that always made his writing so readable, filled with sharp angles and deep crevices, even when dealing with the most twisted theories.

Today, I’ve been informed that Mac was found dead in his apartment on Thursday. He will be greatly missed.

+ Mac’s blog, Posthuman Blues
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  2. I, too, always hoped I would meet him one day and I used to dream about him, too! He always had something strange in his suitcase that he was going to show me one day. I always admired his originality and his bravery and feel very robbed today.

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