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'Skid analysis': Vaughan reborn…

Author: • Dec 12th, 2008 •

Category: Ballardosphere, speed & violence, technology

He turned his attention to me, tapping the bundle of handouts in his grip.

‘Get all the paper you can, Ballard. Some of the stuff they give away — “Mechanisms of Occupant Ejection”, “Tolerances of the Human Face in Crash Impacts” …’

As the last of the engineers stood back from the test car Vaughan nodded appreciatively, and commented sotto voce, ‘The technology of accident simulation at the R.R.L. is remarkably advanced. Using this set-up they could duplicate the Mansfield and Camus crashes — even Kennedy’s — indefinitely.’

‘They’re trying to reduce the number of accidents here, not increase it.’

‘I suppose that’s a point of view.’

Ballard, Crash.

[qt:http://www.ballardian.com/video/pillars_wisdom.mp4 320 240]

ABOVE: Recreation created in Crash Zone 8 by Neal Trantham, Nebraska Accident Reconstruction, LLC.

Do you think if Vaughan was alive today, he’d be using AutoCAD to design the optimum sex death of Elizabeth Taylor in a collision of flesh, technology, semen and engine coolant?

Two CAD programs, Crash Zone and Quick Scene, seem tailor-made (Taylor-made?) for this Maldoror of the Motorways, his penis scarred possibly due to a motorcycle accident…


For 10 years The Crash Zone has been the drawing program of choice for Accident Reconstructionists who insist on functionality, precision, and ease of use. The new Crash Zone Version 8 has even more tools for crash investigators, including easy 3D animations, a vehicle specifications database, skid analysis and momentum calculations, and an easy-to-use 3D body poser! No special training is required! Free Technical Support!


Are you looking for the easiest and fastest way to create accident diagrams? Do you want an affordable program that lets you finish a crash scene diagram in 10 minutes or less? Quick Scene is your answer!

Now you can quickly create professional-looking diagrams for all your routine collision reports in less than 10 minutes! Whether you need to create a quick sketch or an accurate, scaled diagram, then Quick Scene is for you. Version 4 of Quick Scene is easier to learn, contains many powerful features and is very affordable. Only Quick Scene has thousands of predrawn symbols AND a powerful Symbol Manager to help you quickly find the right symbol and place it at the proper rotation and size! Save hours by creating “intersection templates” for your area, then just re-use them over and over!

More at the CAD Zone.

[thanks, Geoff, for the link]

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