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Surreal Urban Worlds

Author: • Jul 10th, 2008 •

Category: alternate worlds, architecture, Ballardosphere

Ballardian: London After the Rain

ABOVE: London After the Rain. Image via BLDGBLOG.

News from BLDGBLOG:

onedotzero is hosting a film event this Saturday in London, promising “futuristic visions of London” and “surreal urban worlds.” Screenings will include Ben Marzys’s short film London After the Rain, produced for Nic Clear’s Unit 15 at The Bartlett. The event costs £8.60, and things kick off around 8:45pm at Southbank.

From Unit 15’s brief:

J G Ballard is one of the most original and distinctive authors of the last part of the C20th, and beginning of the C21st. His writing has encompassed topics as diverse as ecological crisis to technological fetishism and augmentation, and from urban ruination to suburban mob culture, and he has pursued these topics with a wit and inventiveness that is without comparison.

His understanding of architecture, and architects, and his prophetic visions make Ballard one of the most important figures in the literary articulation of architectural issues and concerns.From the description of futuristic houses that empathise with their inhabitants, to the bleak characterisation of gated communities consumed by sex, drugs and violence, Ballard’s world is highly prescient and ruthlessly unsentimental. Rather than examining specific texts, Unit 15 will be following themes implicit in Ballard’s writing.

Unit 15 will also be examining filmic interpretations of his writing, particularly David Cronenburg’s ‘Crash’ and Jonathan Weiss’s ‘The Atrocity Exhibition’, and to a lesser extent Steven Spielberg’s ‘Empire Of The Sun’, we shall also be looking at films inspired by Ballard’s work especially Iain Sinclair’s ‘London Orbital’. In short we shall be examining all aspects of culture that can be considered ‘BALLARDIAN’.

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